Stop. What. You’re. Doing.

Yes, I know you’re busy. We all are. We’re women. But this will only take a moment.

*PINKY promise*

I’m conducting a study. A study about us.

“Why do you need to conduct a study about something you are?”

Because though we are all alike in many ways, we are also very different and I’d like to know how the majority of us think, be it differently or similarly. The intel I collect will be used for my research project so please, answer honestly.

Here’s the pitch.

Reasons Why Girls Go to the Bathroom in Groups

If you’ve ever had a “squad,” a “posse,” been out with a bunch of girlfriends, or even just enjoyed a night on the town with one of your besties, it’s a good chance you know exactly what I’m talking about. Hell, if you’re female, you know. We tend to go to the restroom in groups of two or more depending on who is with us at the time. Usually, the majority of the group just wants to fix their hair, makeup, and/or clothes while two or three tip toe to the stalls with full bladders, having had one too many cocktails.

Regardless of how you and your gal pals have used your personal time in the bathrooms, many people (I’m talking about men, here) have often wondered why we get so excited when one of us has to pee. I mean, we literally form a parade just to go to the house of the porcelain thrones for ten minutes. It’s no wonder the lines are so long. Men get in and get out and they never use the buddy system. ¬†We’d take the whole damn female population with us if we could.

So why, ladies? Share with me your reason for taking group trips to the loo. Help me finish my research project. And to motivate you more, if you comment with why you do what you do, I’ll follow your blog as a way of saying thanks, or returning the favor such as a virtual passing of a tampon, if you will, on those days when your stock has been depleted.

Let’s see what you’ve got.