Cinnamonsghetti – What is it?

Back in middle school, I won a gift certificate to a local cafe a few miles from my house. Aegean Breeze was a Greek-inspired hole in the wall. If you didn’t know the area well, you’d never find it.Parking was a PAIN as it was surrounded by offices in a strip-mall-styled fashion. I took my mom there for a lunch date and discovered a favorite restaurant that, to this day, I haven’t been back to. Oops… 

I ordered the baked ziti and when it finally arrived at our table I dived right in. It was DELICIOUS. But something was different; a distinct yet subtle flavor I had never tasted. A zing ignited along my childish palate. Upon asking my mom to try it, I began to sift through the pasta dish, analyzing it like a mad scientist.To my utter surprise, what made this dish so different, so savory and new was…


My mom asked the waiter just for confirmation and indeed it did contain a light sprinkling of cinnamon.Ever since then I have never eaten spaghetti without first dusting the top with cinnamon and sugar. It makes it taste INCREDIBLE. 


Cinnamon also illustrates being set apart. My family doesn’t put it on their pasta dishes. My friends certainly don’t. So far, aside from the cook in the kitchen, I haven’t met another soul on this earth who eats spaghetti the same way I do. My life is the same way. I seek to set myself apart in specific areas of my life. My art, my music, my writing for example. I strive to be different. I listen to underground bands that most people have never heard of. I hardly ever listen to “what’s trending.” My art is always unique as well as my writing. What I think in my head may be what others think at times but I never think them just because someone else does. I do and say and think on my own. I walk my own path. Though I cross the paths of others at times, I never stay for long. I’d much rather be walking and doing what the minority is doing. As I do in my life, so shall I also do with my writing blog.

Robert Frost once wrote;

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-

I took the one less traveled by.

And that has made all the difference.”


And for me, it really, really has.