Blog #4,468

Yes. 4,468. At least, I’m assuming that is the number of times I have attempted to keep a blog running.

Upon trying to uproot my first blog and move it from the Google suburbs to the city of WordPress, I was suddenly struck with the idea of having not one but two different blogs. I would keep the first one where it is and make a completely different writing space altogether. Kind of like having a regular house in one place and a vacation house somewhere else. One is for more serious and long-term use whereas the other is for a change of scenery and a lighter load on my shoulders.

Well… that didn’t work as I became more involved with this one and mercilessly abandoned the other. Whoops. 😦

So this blog is my last and final blog (fingers crossed) fueled by all of the observations of every place I’ve ever been, of the complete strangers I see every day, novel-fitting character sketches I come up with in my head that I keep to myself, color and light that I think only my eyes can see in that moment, creative storylines deep enough to grace a few pages of a book but not enough to make a book as a whole, the constant analyzing and perceiving and endless running that my mind does… All of it. Everything I have kept to myself for so long. The entire archive of art that is my brain.

And you have a front row seat.



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